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Emby Server 3.5.2 Released




Emby Server 3.5.2 is now available. Here are the highlights.


New Blue Radiance Theme


This is a new theme option and has quickly become one of our favorites. We think you'll agree.








New Artist Appears On Section
Look for this on artist detail screens


Search Improvements

  • Can now search by original title metadata field
  • Improved search performance

Improved Hardware Transcoding

  • Use DXVA2 decoding on Windows when AMF is selected
  • Add automatic fallback from GPU to CPU with sync transcoding

Improved Performance

  • Improved general library browsing performance
  • Improved search performance

Other Improvements

  • Update to .NET Core 2.1.2
  • Update to ffmpeg 4.0.1
  • Update to SkiaSharp 1.60
  • Update to sqlite 3.24.0
  • Support Emby Server for Western Digital NAS
  • Improved reliability of Roku remote control
  • Mono-based releases now require mono 5.4+ to run
  • Improve live tv recording process from m3u
  • Improve tvdb series queries
  • Improve musicbrainz artist queries
  • Add playlists to search results
  • Add convert option to replace original files
  • Rework devices display
  • Update albums per artist to be based on album artist only
  • Update more from albums to be based on album artist only
  • Add force_idr for NVENC
  • Improve M3U stream loop support
  • Rework hover menus
  • Virtualize persisted metadata paths
  • Update collection visibility per user
  • Update default audio track selection
  • Update date in recording file names
  • Restore features of Google Drive and Dropbox plugins
  • Improve support for resuming and seeking podcasts
  • Adjust keyframe interval for Roku transcoding
  • Improve audio and subtitle track switching support for live tv plugins
  • Linux & Mac: Ensure all folders beginning with a dot are ignored
  • Localize notification texts
  • Increase max time allowed for image extractions from video files
  • Restore swagger parameters
  • Restore swagger authentication
  • Update Denon dlna profile to transcode high res flac files
  • Disable older ssl protocols
  • Update naming for next up sync jobs

Bug Fixes

  • Fix season level shuffling support
  • Fix click destination on photo albums in search results
  • Fix sporadic issue of not being able to start live tv
  • Fix dlna server availability in mono releases
  • Fix xmltv support in mono releases
  • Fix Romanian text encoding
  • Fix Thai text encoding
  • Fix playlist queries
  • Fix issues parsing season folders with years, e.g. Season 2011
  • Fix issue when attempting to sign into local server using Emby Connect credentials
  • Fix m2ts files not showing up in DLNA
  • Fix subtitle resizing on window resize in firefox
  • Fix erroneous Emby Connect invitation error messages
  • Fix recognition of episode numbers greater than 365
  • Fix pagination when using library grouping features
  • Fix play all from here with large lists
  • Fix playback issues with .strm audio
  • Fix saving of image fetcher settings for new libraries
  • Fix theme songs not stopping
  • Fix convert feature re-converting when not necessary
  • Fix dlna photo support for Samsung smart TV's
  • Improve hauppauge error handling

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Recommended Comments

is this update ready to download



Yes, for all platforms.

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Many thanks for the hard work.


Been toying around with Emby on Docker for 2 weeks or so, and I already love it.



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