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Media Browser Server 3.0.5490.2 Released



This is primarily a maintenance release but does have a few important additions and changes.



Check out the new Wiki:




We've been working hard on a new wiki to help document all of the features of Media Browser. So to that end...



In App Help:


You'll now see conveniently placed, context-sensitive help buttons through the web interface.




When you click a help button you'll be taken to the corresponding wiki page that will help walk you through the feature. Be patient with us if some of the wiki pages aren't yet complete, they will be soon.



User Device Access


Now you can configure the devices a user is able to utilize to connect to your server. This setting will affect everything from logging into that device, to remote controlling it, and to the users that are displayed publicly on that device's login screen.





Identification Options


Now when you use the identification feature of the metadata manager, you can choose whether or not to replace images as part of the operation.





Sharper than Ever on Your Retina Devices


A number of icons have been upgraded and now the web client looks nice and sharp no matter what resolution or browser you're running.






Expanded TV Naming Support


Our parsing of episode file names has significantly improved and is now based on Kodi's engine and rules. This will dramatically improve our ability to find internet metadata. In a future release, look for the rules to become configurable similar to Kodi's advancedsettings.xml.



Bugs Resolved

  • PGS subtitles not working in the web client
  • Search was returning missing & unaired episodes

Stay tuned for something awesome


Whenever we have a release as light as this you can be sure, we've got something big up our sleeves. Stay tuned.

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Recommended Comments

It does not look that light to me, I really like the help and the new handling of mixed folders :-)

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Furrher to the changes to user device access has there been any progress in allowing remote access to only certain users? Figure now we have no password for local access we could also detect external logins (and allow/deny based on the server tick box on that user)

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The switch to "unset" caused me a whole bunch of data loss when trying the new beta. Fortunately reverting to the current stable version got back all the metadata I had to manually enter for a number of movies and anime series, but none of it is being emitted into the MB XML files. On top of that, reverting caused me to be unable to administer my MB install until I deleted the users.db file in appdata (making me have to recreate all the user accounts).


Before this gets promoted up to stable, you'll want to do a lot of data loss testing scenarios, I think.

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I agree coldacid, I agree. Having similar headaches with naming conventions and missing episode data

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all metadata, in mixed folders, destroyed, after the update.

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Well, metadata that was stored in MB XML or NFO files in the same folders as the video files wouldn't be destroyed, but it's not picked up until you manually set the content type for each folder (instead of being determined by the metadata files). If "unset" would at least check for the MB XML files and decide based on the filename what the folder should be, this might not have been such a SNAFU.

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Was surprised to mis a lot of meta data after the update. All my folders have the same name as the movie, but many movie files have extra info in the file name. It seems the mediabrowser fetcher gets confused by  'cryptic' file names instaed of going on the folder names. Before this update that was not a problem

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Seeing the same thing as @awakening.  It appears somewhere along the way the identify a movie based on the folder name instead of the file within the folder determined the name of the movie changed.  I recently had to start from scratch with Media Browser (my issue not Media Browsers), however, I had about 100 movies where the files names were Year - movie name.* but the folders were clearly identified with the movie "name (year)".   This had never been an issue until I re-installed Media Browser.  

Personally, I've corrected the issue manually but fixing all those "Year - Movie name" files within the same folder.  However, for new MB3 users this could lead to a very frustrating first experience with this awesome application.

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Awesome. Any chance the user device access piece could be expanded to configure transcoding settings per device or device type? For example, if device X (and only device X) is attempting to play media with DTS audio, transcode it since device X doesn't support playing DTS audio. For all other devices, direct play. 


Something like that?

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