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Media Browser Server now available for FreeNAS




Thanks to the efforts of josh4trunks and woodsb02, we now have a FreeNAS plugin available.




See http://mediabrowser.tv/download




FreeNAS is the go to solution for managing storage

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I think I'm gonna redo my RAID-5 setup for this. This is what I've been waiting for.

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oh wait, that is not an install? where can I find it? is it a plug-in? what is the purpose of it? can you run Media Server directly on a NAS?

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I feel stupid asking this but what exactly is this?


It's a BSD distribution. A whole new operating system designed for nas devices. Best thing to do is check out the FreeNAS website to learn about it, or ask in our forums because i'm sure we have plenty of FreeNAS users who can talk about it.

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Can this be installed on a QNAP?  If not, are there plans for a QNAP version?

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A few comment on media browser functionality on freenas....


First of all thank you for this port. As a freenas and mediabrowser user I really appreciated having the ability to use mediabrowser server on freenas and be able to turn off the window server that was running mediabrowser. Saving power is always a good thing.


Some functionality comment:


The button to restart the server is missing. I don't know if this is by design but it was really useful to restart the server from the web gui after an update or a plugin update without having to do it from the freeness plugin interface.


Second and perhaps most important, when setting up media folders it is only possible to specify local directories in the mediabrowser jail mapped to the media directories on the freeness server. Clicking on the network item on the list does not bring up any of the existing shares. I do not know why this is happening, perhaps there is no smb client running in the jail?

If I understand correctly if the media folder is setup as a network share, this path is passed to the client so the mediabrowser  server does not have to do any streaming or transcoding. With a local path the opposite is true as this path is not accessible from the network. Also the option of mapping local path to network path does not seem to work, maybe for the same reason.


Other than that everything seems ok. I am going to play a little bit with this and see if I can gain a better insight.

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