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Media Browser Win8.1 App v2.2 released




This morning a new version of the Win8.1 app was released in store.


What's new?




After a long wait the feature that should have been in the app since day one has been added.

You can now easily search your collection, just type what you're searching for and either use the search hints or do a full search




For those of you who use a media center (MCE) remote with the app, it has now become a little easier. We're not done with this feature by a long shot, but this ought to tide you over until fully implemented




We've also changed the layout of the user views and a number of bug fixes.


Try it out:


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Recommended Comments

This is a great extension but how does it fit with MB3 Theatre. Do I need to run both. Also if I just use the WIn 8.1 app, how do I configure my playback options ?

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how do i get the update?, it says the app is already installed but when I open the app it is still the old version

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Awesome work, I love it.  Works brilliantly.  You may want to remove the page that says live TV didn't make it in this build :-) when you press back from the fully functional live tv section.  Nice work all, really appreciated.

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