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Android TV Updated with New Guide and Grid Views

Posted by ebr , 25 October 2018 · 1974 views

A new update to the Android TV app will be released soon with a new fresh look and "smooth scrolling" capability in the live TV guide as well as new vertically scrolling grid views.


A Fresh, Smooth Guide


Posted Image


The live TV guide has received a make-over and now has smooth scrolling through both channels and time instead of the old "paging" implementation.


Going Vertical


Posted Image


Posted Image


You spoke and we listened. The grid views in the app now default to a vertically scrolling presentation. This allows you to navigate large collections more quickly and is in line with the designs on all the other platforms. If, however, you really prefer the previous horizontal scrolling presentation in this app, you can switch back to that in any of the views you wish by selecting the "Settings" icon (cog wheel) on the toolbar and selecting that option. It will be remembered for that particular view from that point forward.


In addition, we've now made the direct letter jump bar visible at all times (instead of behind a button) for easy access and made it behave more like you would expect in that it moves you to the first item for that letter within the content instead of restricting the content to only items after that letter.


Improved Performance for European live TV Streams


This release also should make some of those problematic live TV streams that previously may have required you to select the MPV player option play correctly within the default player simplifying your playback experience. There should be no reason to select MPV as the player anymore but we have left the option there for now if you wish to enable it (this option may be removed in the future).


Other Improvements


In addition to the major items above, this release also includes the following fixes and improvements:

  • Improve playback error handling
  • Fix shuffle play of external audio playlists
  • Don't loop theme song playback
  • Scroll default tab into view upon library entry
  • Improve some default images
  • Fix external playlists not showing
  • Add option to not allow video stream copy for live TV
  • Properly remove items from "Play Next" when manually marked watched
  • Add 240Kb/s bitrate option
  • Ensure "Continue Watching" obeys server-side settings
  • Fix playing music artists
  • Fix people search against beta server
  • Fix album sort by year
  • Option for focus rectangle
  • Default to higher bitrate on local LAN on all devices
  • Improve app response when can't validate Premiere do to outage
  • Audible feedback for trying to seek past live time
  • Add container to media details
  • Update translations
  • Make small "Up Next" panel the default (up arrow expands to larger one)
  • Implement new WoL method
  • Direct play items from Play Next
  • Refresh home screen on library change
  • Fix Premiere not recognized immediately
  • Fix diacritics in device name causing login failure
  • Add favorite episodes row to Favorites view in TV library
  • Allow favorite filter in "All" movies and series views
  • Use thumbs for latest TV
  • Sort favorites by name

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Oct 25 2018 02:36 PM

great update!

    • SikSlayer likes this

Great job on this update!

This is great, forgive my ignorance: is "android tv" the same as what's on my samsung tv (2016 version)? I really like these improvements!

Thanks! This rolls out in the regular Store App or you have to be a Tester?

Amazing job on the updates :)

Thanks! This rolls out in the regular Store App or you have to be a Tester?


Hi.  This is available now in the normal store app.  Thanks.

This is great, forgive my ignorance: is "android tv" the same as what's on my samsung tv (2016 version)? I really like these improvements!


Hi.  It depends on which app you are using on that device.  If it is the one from Google Play, then yes.

Oct 27 2018 07:29 AM

Wow, nice update!


One question:  What does "Add option to not allow video stream copy for live TV" do and why I would (or would I not) use it?  (I saw it in Live TV settings earlier too)


I'll be sure to try out live tv here in Australia because some of my channels required MPV.

I am only getting 12 hours of guide data when I scroll to the right ....  In windows etc ... I get more. I have the Server set for 14 days.

Oct 27 2018 11:35 PM
I signed up..Download App etc..I have to search for everything to Hrid or anything..Only Say Options,Empty On Left Side..Can Someone help.
Oct 27 2018 11:35 PM
No Grid

What is the version number?

OMG.. Hallelujah.   A guide that is on par with others out there.   Execellent!

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Nice, I like improvements. Only thing is the guide scrolling is slow. When you have 100 channels to scroll though it takes time to get to the bottom. I will have to program a page_down and page_up on my remote so not a real biggie for me.

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