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Media Browser for Roku 1.78 Released

Posted by Luke , 07 January 2015 · 3620 views

This is a bug-fix release that resolves the following issues:
  • Inability to remember login information under certain conditions
  • Crash when playing video playlist
  • Crash when browsing plain folder menus

Enjoy :)

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Thank you..

Awesome...just wish Roku was faster about publishing these to the official channel listing.  I still haven't seen an update past 1.72 yet.

That's odd Jon, I checked my roku last night and it has updated to 1.78 already. Perhaps remove and re-install the app?

ok... sorry for probably a stupid question but i can't figure out where to look to find out which version of the MediaBrowser app I'm using on my Roku 3. Could someone clue me in! Thx.

Go to the bottom and look at preferences - if you have 1.78 it's the latest

I still see version 1.4 in the Channel store under "Movies and TV", what am I missing?

Same here... MediaBrowser channel in the Roku store says 1.4. I live in Canada... would that be the reason? I don't get all the apps that are available for the US :(

The version at the bottom under the Preferences icon says 1.17.6 ??? Does that mean it's 1.76 and if so, how do I get the latest version when the channel store on the Roku3 still has version 1.4 only! Like I mentionned before, my Roku was setup from Canada :((

I was having the same issue until I did a search and found out that Media Browser is listed twice for channels which is causing the confusion. There is "Media Browser" which only goes up to 1.4 and has a blue background for the channel icon. And then there is "Media Browser for Roku" which has a dark black background and is the one that is the latest version. If you cannot find it though the Roku menu then log into www.roku.com and search for "Media Browser" and you will find it that way.

Hope this helps, 

Thank you!! got it now!

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