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Playback mini player disappears

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I have a OnePlus 8 Pro phone running Oxygen OS on Android 11.


When I'm playing back music I can swipe down the notification bar and access a "mini player" that allows pause, plays stop next track etc. It's also accessible when the phone is locked. This works fine for all other media players on the he phone - YouTube, Spotify, Google play etc.

When I start emby, it's there for the first one or two songs, then disappears. The music carries on playing and I can control it by opening the emby app but if the phone is locked I them have to unlock it and open the app if I want to skip a song. The only way to get it back is to close the app and start again, and them it will disappear again.


I dumped Spotify thinking I could manage with emby for music; so far that's just not working out.

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Reinstalled the app and it seems better, now I just have the random stopping for no reason.

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