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Play Buttons Will Start Video

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So I am unable to use the play button inside the folder items to get video to work. I'll retrace my steps a bit so you can how I got to this point. Unfortunately, I was trying to fix the issue I have had for a long while but have been too busy/forgetful to fix until now. The root issue was radeon's plug in for theme songs not playing nice with leedavies' ROC and Crystal (or vice versa - I read it on here happening before). Anyway, I read that lee got things fixed and so I decided to see if I could uninstall the plugins and reinstall. That did not work so I uninstalled just lees theme's and still nothing. I am testing all this on the basic and/or chocolate themes as I've read on here that I should use those for troubleshooting. So I thought I would give MBT a try as I read, again, it would work with the themes. So I installed MBT and had to install the video codecs (lav) and subtitle codecs. After doing so, I was able to get themes to work! Hooray! So now I know it's not something really stupid like my hardware or the server. So while navigating MBT I came to the realization that it just isn't pretty enough for me. No offense, I see the idea and I think I get the vision but it's just not to my liking now. So I figured I had to go back to the old MBC. I uninstalled MBT, the lav filters, and bit the bullet - I uninstalled MBC completely (even deleting the folder from c:\Program Data),


Fresh install (almost fresh - MBC still remembered the server location and which user to login auto), installed Chocolate and ThemeVideo's by radeon and voila! it works! I have installed other themes, except lee davies, and they work as well for playing theme music. That brings me to my current issue of not being able to play video from inside the folder. Now, I can play video by being outside the folder but have the cursor selecting the movie folder and pressing play on my MCE remote. So I figure that there is something with the lav filters that MBC really likes but can't seem to find but WMC can interpret the remote click as "Play this file inside this folder". I've looked at the Control Panel for default programs and all is as it should be so there must be a hanger on with the LAV filters. Or not... I really have not clue but would appreciate any assistance.


It's ironic - I get the theme songs to play just the way I want them (oh by the way, whoever put in the terrible mariachi band for the !Three Amigos!, you suck) and now I have to back out, which stops the theme, to play it.


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This is a bug in the current beta of MBC.  If you wait for the theme to stop playing the main item will play.


There will be a new beta up today that fixes it.

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