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Program jumps backwards when I try to jump forward.


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Had a frustrating experience last night trying to watch some recorded TV on Emby.  While trying to skip forward, the show actually jumped backward.  It was literally impossible to jump forward to the section I wanted to watch.  Repeated attempts to jump forward 30 seconds made the show jump back minutes, sometime even ten minutes at a time.   

I hope this can be addressed soon.  Also, I respectfully suggest the fast-forward and reverse feature be improved to make it more usable, such as for example the way the Samsung YouTube app works.  As it is, it's unreasonably tedious (and glitchy) to crawl through an hour long program in 30 second increments.    Perhaps you could double, quadruple, octuple etc. the increment when more than a threshold number (3?) of skip forward presses happen within a certain period of time (1.5 seconds?)  

Thanks, Russ (lifetime Premiere member)

Requested info:

Samsung model number: UN65KS8000

Samsung firmware version: T-JZMAKUC-1243.2, BT-S  Sub-micom version T-JZMACUS-1007

Samsung Emby client version #: Emby for Samsung 1.0.94

For any playback related issues of media please also include the related Media Info from the Web Client:

Media Info


Title1080i MPEG2VIDEO
Aspect Ratio16:9
Bitrate12,899 kbps
Bit Depth8 bit
Pixel Formatyuv420p
Reference Frames1


TitleEnglish AC3 5.1
Channels6 ch
Bitrate384 kbps
Sample Rate48,000 Hz


TitleSpanish AC3 stereo
Channels2 ch
Bitrate192 kbps
Sample Rate48,000 Hz
PathD:\Forged in Fire (2015)\Season 8\Forged in Fire S08E14 Second Chance Tournament Part 2.ts
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I've seen this before with HD-Homerun and recorded TV.  For some reason, occasionally the timing in the .ts container gets messed up and this can also cause audio sync issues.  It's not an emby server or client issue as far as I can determine.

I use the conversions feature on the server to automatically convert recorded content to mkv.  You can bump up the scheduled task to run more often is you need to as well.


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Posted (edited)

Thanks for this.  Indeed these were recorded from the HD-Homerun. How do you set it up to automatically do this for every show (new shows and ones that are already recorded)?   


EDIT: I can convert each show individually but I can't see how to do this automatically.  Is this possible? 

When I go into Conversions from the sidebar menu it says "No downloads found. Create download jobs using the Download buttons found throughout the app."


EDIT 2: I figured it out.  In the web interface you go into Recording > choose your show > More > Convert and make the selections shown above.  Thank you!

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