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the podcast plugin could use a revisit


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so, I really like how simple the podcast plugin is, however it could use a few additional features.

  • add podcast selection from within the podcast category from homescreen (maybe at the end of the list of podcasts) its pretty tedious adding podcasts from settings. 
  • save function so podcasts can be listened to during internet outages without having to be stored on the device, like for x amount of days if possible.
  • the tile on the homescreen seems to be affected by that bug the tv and movies used to have, where there are doubles of the pictures in the tile, see attachment (at time of screenshot I had 5 podcasts added, all had pics and metadata)

Also, it seems to have been untouched for so long it still refers to Emby as MB in the description. lol 

Screenshot 2021-06-10 060020.png

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