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Looking for reliable xml provider


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Hello friends

I am new to Emby but learn quickly. I am a reseller for WiFiTV, a popular and outstanding IPTV service so needless to say I am familiar with m3u files. I normally run my service off of an Nvidia Shield Pro with IPTV Extreme Pro playing the channels. I have been using Xtream Editor to provide me my xml file. For some reason Emby does not want to play nice with their provided files.

In a nutshell I am looking to replace my xml provider for Live Tv on Emby is the XML TV show in Emby referencing the website with the same name?  Either way can I get suggestions for a not too expensive XML provider that is able to provide for several thousands of channels. 

By the way does anyone have a work around for the fact that duplicate channels, which are wanted, can be included with the Program guide? 

Cheers to all of my fellow movie buffs who are watching.

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