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Chromecast / Google Home - play/pause problems


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I have problems resuming playback of Emby from external devices like Google Home when casting to a chromecast device.

I use the android App and select to cast to my chromecast device:




I then select a movie a play it.



From the Android app, I am able to play/pause resume with no problems as long as I do it from the application. But if I try to control Emby from outside the application, this is where the problem occurs.

If I go to google Home for example:



If I see the play button, I can start playback, the movie starts playing and the icon will change to pause (all OK)... But if I then press the pause button, the movie WILL pause but google home will still think the movie is playing as the icon displayed will still be a pause button and not the expected play button. If I then open the android app, it will have the correct status in other words I will see the play button and as expected it does work if I press it, continuing playback.

This same issue will happen if I try to control playback from a google voice device. If I pause it, no problem. It stops, but when I say resume, it wont continue playback as it thinks that its already playing the content.

What I would think is that Emby server is failing to transmit the pause status to google home.

I started using Emby about 3 years ago, but this error started happening about 2 years ago after an update.





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@benquan, can you please check this for me.  I can see the issue you describe (start playback, then pause/play using Google Home app and the play/pause icon state doesn't update).

I've noticed that if I wait about 10 seconds after pressing play or pause with the Google Home app then the icon state eventually changes.  Do you see this as well?

I think it is being updated correctly, but there is a delay in sending the update message.  I'll take a look and try and work out why there is a delay.

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