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DS920+ transcoding freezes


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I have recently build up a emby server version on my DS920+ DSM 6.2.4-25556, the hardware decoders are rightfully appeared and I put transcoding thread count to max. But when I watch a 4K hevc movie, the transcoding is very very slow and with a lots blurs freezes etc. And I tried to lower the quality and tried some 1080p hevc but the resultats are the same.

And I tried both docker and package, the package is better in term of the performance of transcoding.

You can have all the details below, please help me out, I'm not an expert into this kind of thing.

Thanks a lot.









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As for the player, I tried emby web and emby ios, the transcoding issus are the same.

With infuse ios, it choices direct play, there are no issus.

But I prefers to have an idea why the transcoding is freezing like that.

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