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TVDB Specials policy numbering change?


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I am noticing over the last month or so, more and more (long finished) shows where the specials are being moved out of S00 and into the an actual season S01,E02 etc.

since i have too many systems which are beholdent to tvdb, i am just updating my library to comply. But isolated cases are now turning into a handful and i just wondered if anyone was aware of a specific 'official' change which might be driving this and whether it will likely be permanent. I don't want to change everything only for it to be changed back again (due to rogue users).

anyone got any insight into what may be happening with tvdb specials?


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Not aware of any policy changes

But i have noticed similar in the past, mainly shows that go to Netflix

Netflix put the specials as part of a season, so people go in a change the data to reflect this, screwing up the official order

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Since they no longer have a forum to find out you would have to ask them via their ticket system.  But specific examples may help.

As for Netflix order that should be a alternative order in it self as we have already seen examples and requests for that order they supposedly introduced in v4.

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I can verify there are some changes going on within our online databases...

Afro Samurai almost drove me nuts trying to fix it...

I original had the full length movie ( first one ) BUT it was released in a Five Episode format at some point, so while information USED TO be gotten for the movie with its information... Now it is no longer existent but still exists in several different places as the movie.. Now there is nothing but my embedded data showing up. So I had to go and find the episode version to have it in my library/archive correctly display in EMBY...

Just one example.. but they are changing things.. in several places.

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