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Intel Gen 11 Iris Xe Enc/Dec Performance ?

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This is probably a bit early to post but has anybody used the new Intel Gen 11 Iris Xe graphics for transcoding in Emby ?

I've looked online - and while it says there is a big hike in the number of pipelines vs the HD630, I can't find any performance metrics.

I'm waiting to take the plunge on a new server - and am having the AMD Ryzen 5600X vs Intel 11600 conundrum.

If I could buy even a low end Nvidia GPU (+the AMD), the answer would probably be a bit easier - but if the Iris Xe can perform well (plus it has AV1 decode) - then I may opt for the Intel instead.

This is an upgrade for an i5 Gen1 (lol), so anything I get is going to be a massive improvement, but the 11400/500/600 does seem good value - especially vs an AMD/Nvidia combination.

Any thoughts ?


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Hi, no, but if you get one let us know how it goes.

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13 hours ago, jaycedk said:

Thanks.  The Tiger Lake is very different from Rocket Lake - for some reason the Tiger Lake has 96 CU's on it's iGPU, but the Rocket Lake only has 32 CU's.

The 11400 seems very good value and if as Intel say, it's iGPU performance is 50% better than the old HD630 - then I may go for it - I'll wait a few more weeks to see if anybody has done any direct h264/h265 enc/dec comparisons using the iGPU.


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