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Apple TV subtitle size, and more subtitle suggestions.


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Subtitles is the only dealbreaker against migrating to Emby.

I just tried out your server and apps and noticed that controls for subtitles are missing from Apple TV, my main player. I always use size "smaller" (the smallest) and want them as low as possible. When subtitles work perfectly in your apps I will buy Premiere Lifetime in an instant and switch from Plex since your product is fresher and not centralized as theirs.

My suggestions are:
- Fix subtitle sizing on Apple TV.
- Please make them configurable in height on all platforms. Down to touching the absolute bottom of the screen. 
- Please fix the space between two subtitle rows on Android TV/Chromecast and Web player, on "smaller" setting. They are way too far apart.

Otherwise nice product and keep up the great work!


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Any progress or roadmap for this? Really missing subtitle controls (especially offset) on AppleTV. 

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+100 :)

@Luke Can you share if this is a priority? Lots of Plex users with Apple devices want to migrate, but subtitles are key.  

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