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4K movie playback bug


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When attempting to play a movie in 4K, the Emby for iOS 2.0.2 app appears to become unresponsive. The progress slider doesn’t move and even force closing the app doesn’t stop the movie immediately. I have to reopen the app and wait for it to refresh for it to stop the movie that continues playing in the background. This doesn’t happen when playing 1080p files. It also appears that the actor list doesn’t show properly. It only lists two actors in the screen recording. This isn’t the case before attempting to play the  movie. All actors show as they should. Definitely appears to be  something wonky going on. 

I’m attaching a screen recording to help show you exactly what’s going on. I’m currently running Emby server, however the issue was also present on If you require server logs I’ll be glad to run the test again and provide them for you. 



Edit: I figured I should mention that it doesn’t matter if tone mapping is enabled. I get the same result either way. The issue does only appear to happen when trying to transcode however. Direct play seems to work fine.


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