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embycon notice that server is running


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Hi there, im using emby for years, all versions in kodi (windows 10). Now for more that a year i use embycon. in kodi (livingroom HTPC) i wake my server (win 10) were the emby server is installed with wake on lan. when the server is alive the emby what also is installed in kodi gives me a welcome notice. Thats when i know that the server is on and running, then i go to embycon where i playback my movies/series. i also use the emby plugin to give me backgrounds of movies and series in kodi. i use the skin.aeon.nox.silvo. when i only have embycon installed and i cache my images from the movies and series and i choose in the skinsettings (background) from silvio neo nox for my movies kodi random movie art than the sceen (background) stays black. Thats why i still have the emby plugin working only for that to show me that the server is awake and the backgrounds in movies and series. Is there a way to add this to embycon so that it gives a welcome when it connects with the server. And i way to let kodi show random backgrounds from my movie database. ( I use a 'random TV/Movie fan art' for my main menu background, and if I don't have Emby for Kodi, it just shows a black screen (or at least it used to). 


grtz ed

Htpc Win 10 ,kodi 19, embycon 1.10.8


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I guess I could look at how to add a welcome message when the client connects to the server, would need to see if this can be added reliably.

Because the EmbyCon server does not sync your media to the local DB you would need to use a skin that allows background sources from a content link. If the skin does not allow this then it is hard to get this working, you would need some skin editing knowledge.

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