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After movie library folder structure mod, Kodi fails to display movie poster


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my movie library has always been just main folder, with  a ton of individual movie sub folders.

Yesterday morning, I opted for the "complex" movie folder structure, as per Emby movie naming guide.

Instead of : Movies\A Bug's Life (1998)Movies/, I now have: Movies\A\A Bug's Life (1998)

It took quite a few hours for Emby web to digest but it did just fine.

I just fired up Kodi and noticed that most movie posters are not displaying anymore

What do you suggest ?

EDIT: I can right click a movie and see its information, but movies are not playable.

I will wait it out (Kodi is known to perform silent update, maybe it just need some time (?)


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I have Kodi on another pc, and I've left this one running since yesterday's folder structure modification.

On that one, movies are playable and posters are displayed, so I'll just leave the problem Kodi running, it probably need quite a few hours to update itself.

I'll make sure to report back in any case.

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