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TV Shows Can't resume or fast forward


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Hello, I have the same problem but in my case only tv shows don't resume. I can play movies when resume. Few days ago everything was OK. I try to watch series about 21:00 today.
That are my logs in attachment.

@Happy2Play please move my posting to it's own separate topic. Thanks.

embyserver.txt ffmpeg-remux-7b08a2a5-7987-4249-9d70-d320b413ca67_1.txt ffmpeg-transcode-31ff9695-7a72-42e2-a441-35ca0b67ef26_1graph.txt hardware_detection-63748475758.txt

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8 hours ago, Luke said:

Hi there, what happens when you try?

When I launch tv series (resume prewious watching) it shows launching circle and then exit Emby app to TV program.

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