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Could i know how to install EMBY on Mycloud Gen1 single Bay ?

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7 hours ago, Luke said:

Hi, Looks like single bay my cloud devices can't install apps: https://community.wd.com/t/adding-new-app/223054
For gen 2 there's a hack that will let you install apps, but this doesn't seem feasible on gen 1.

Thanks. I reinstalled clean debian system into my cloud gen1 and successfully installed emby arm deb file. Now it works. 


Still hanging on how to give permission to emby. Let it pass through transmission downloaded folder do a deletion. 

I knew debian username is emby. So I use comand chown give transmission downloaded folder ownership to emby. It works at first place. But cause downloading crashed.

Any tutorials for permission cross transmission and emby in debian environment.. Thanks. 

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