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Teaming of network cards (4 link). Consolidation to increase the flow rate.

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Good day.

We faced the problem of traffic volume distribution on Emby servers.
Cisco Catalyst network equipment. (this is a production solution of course.)
Network Attached Storage - High performance RAID on SSD. (this is a production solution of course.)
Each server (HP Gen.10) uses 4 network ports (Each port is 1 Gbps.). We combine them in Nic Teaming. (Win Server 2019)
Option: Balance = Dynamic | Mode = LACP
We want to get 4 Gbps. at the exit. But.....
We have tested the download and cannot punch more than 1Gbps. if we use Emby Server. It feels like the Emby process broadcasts everything to one port.
We test loaded the server's network traffic "without Emby" via SMB and reached values of 3-4 Gbps.
Perhaps the ffmeg child processes for each client is a common Emby server process. And all traffic always goes towards one network port.

We wanted to know: Have you tested Emby with NIC teaming? Does he even have to work with it?
Maybe it never worked? 
And we will buy 10 gbps. cards.



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Hi, if ffmpeg is involved then it's going to be limited by other factors besides network card performance. Let's look at an example:


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Yes of course. Here is the log from the server when we tested.
At the same time, we tried to launch 20+ connections with video viewing (1080p - 60 mbps) for maximum channel load. I've attached a series of ffmpeg-transcode logs - if needed.

embyserver-63746870400.txt ffmpeg-transcode-2d6cc302-fd4a-414e-98fb-fedf8a9e5b55_1.txt ffmpeg-transcode-d383c431-cd56-42b7-ba96-08ff3d33659d_1.txt ffmpeg-transcode-36200624-8477-4fe7-bb7e-b44f504d50c4_1.txt ffmpeg-transcode-3db4502f-eb03-4fa4-a9d8-c01a9f57223f_1.txt ffmpeg-transcode-a0d0024d-2b63-446e-b3a5-eb70b04320ec_1.txt

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We are still waiting for the arrival of 10 gbps cards in the coming months. But I would like to understand how Nic Teaming works with Emby Server. Provided that we have a remote network storage.

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If you setup your network correctly this should be transparent to Emby itself.

It's just going to be a faster "Ethernet" connection.

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