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Question about remote access


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My server is on the latest Beta version (5326.13255) and I'm having trouble accessing MBS from any of my other devices (iOS app, web client, etc), using either the internal IP address (192.168.1.x) or the server name "http://htpc:8096/mediabrowser/dashboard/index.html"


A couple observations:

  • My wi-fi network is working fine
  • I confirmed in my router settings that my server's internal IP address hasn't changed
  • I CAN access MBS from the server's web client using the internal IP address
  • I can still access my server's shared folders through Windows Explorer.
  • Web client, MBT working fine on my server
  • I haven't made any obvious configuration changes to the server, added programs, etc in the last few days

Would logs help? Happy to upload if so.

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So it has something to do with my VPN. When I disable it, everything works normally. But I'm not sure what happened that caused it to suddenly be an issue.

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