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IMDB rating next to date/name on main screen


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Is there a way to add IMDB rating (with the star) to be visiible right at the main screen next to date preferably right on the main screen?

So that with newly added content user can see it's rating without going into details of the movie or series.

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This was removed from card hover a long time ago.   Pretty sure the cardbuilder.js would have to be reworked.

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30 minutes ago, chef said:

I think so. I'll take a look. It would have to be added back on each update.

I would appreciate it if you could help and of course noted, redo it with every update. 

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So, I've looked into this a bit, and I'm not sure it is as easy as just adding code to the 'cardbuilder.js' file.

The API request for the item object data originates outside the scope of the card builder module. This means that the item object passed to the card builder would need to have the proper '&field=' request for the IMDB rating data (where ever it originates from).  At the moment, that part of the data object is not present in the library object request.


It's not present in this data...


It is however, in a subsequent request for the media item when the  'details page' is rendered...



It would seem, that we would have to trace the request function for libraries back to the source, and add the '&field=' to the initial request for item data, in order to then have it available to customize the cardbuilder.js and show the icon and rating.

I'm about 99% sure there is no easy way editing emby's modules directly...


But... not all hope is lost :)

We could create our own javascript which could inject the html using an 'IntersectionObserver', or 'MutationObserver'... or both...

I've done this before, I inject my own javascript into Emby all the time.

Like this:

Image description




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seems far beyond my paygrade to be able to coprehand that but if you could share at least how you managed to add  UpTime and Drive Storage to that dashboard I would appreciate it.

And any other examples on what you have injected javascripts to your code?

Thanks in advance

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