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"Download" button missing in Oculus Browser Web App


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Hey there,

So me and a couple friends I share my server with have started watching movies together using Bigscreen on the Oculus Quest. We have to use the "video player" function that allows us to watch a movie together as long as each person has the same file. So we use Emby to download whatever movie file we're going to use. The problem is that whenever we use Emby on the Oculus Browser it is missing the "download" function. It has the "Download To" function there, but no "Download." I'm curious if this can be fixed?? 

For now, we have been using the Firefox browser in Oculus, but that program downloads the files into a temporary folder that often gets deleted if we take off our headset or restart or something. And no way to move the file within the headset. Ideally we just want to use the browser as it downloads directly to the standard storage folder. 

The browser itself is basically the mobile version of Chrome, and it doesn't change regardless of if I use it in mobile version or desktop version. 

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