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Flashy Web App Emby Logo .app-splash .gif loader

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I added this to my web-app loading screen. The loading screen happens pretty fast so, it isn't always great. But I thought I'd share it anyway.



In the index.html you'd have to edit the '.app-splash' class style options to use this emby gif. I used this...

        .app-splash {
            background-image: url(embyLogo.gif);
            background-position: center;
            background-repeat: no-repeat;
            background-size: contain;
            position: fixed;
            background-color:rgb(152, 160, 172);


Also, save the above .gif file into your "Emby-Server\system\dashboard-ui" folder.


It looks okay... feel free to add to the css to fix it up, or comment on how it could be better.

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