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Emby Server Crash on 2019 Shield Pro

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Server version stopped suddenly watching a recording from an HDHR Extend with transcoding turned on.

Server log and the ffmpeg-directstream log attached.  Client logs sent at 8:56 PM Eastern time.  User RAM, program KOIN 6 News at 5.

Both server and client were running on the same Shield Pro.

embyserver-63739330546.txt ffmpeg-directstream-0ffc092e-ecf2-4391-a49b-e1b1a8b4abe3_1.txt

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@Luke When it stopped working, I opened the Emby Server App on the Shield and it said "Starting Server".   Usually there are two buttons there: "Stop Server" and "Open in Browser".

I can only conclude that the server had crashed.

What's the intent of the "Open in Browser" button on the Shield?

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