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Problem with browser GPU transcode of x.265 4K

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As requested a new topic for the issue

Emby Beta Docker on Unraid 6.8.3

When playback of 4K x.265 content requires a transcode and the playback is occurring in Edge, Chrome or Firefox.  The system does not spin up a HW transcode process with NV GPU.  Playback in the browser of this content stops after 3-15 seconds.  Watching the dashboard it does not indicate a HW transcode.

Playback of the same content on the same device in Emby Theatre works fine and the server spins up HW GPU transcode of the content and can verify in the dashboard.

hardware_detection-63739069906.txt ffmpeg-transcode-72449fcc-a093-4aea-8ef3-b6759a442c2e_1.txt


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@gdeyoung - Thanks for the logs. From the ffmpeg log it seems that the hw transcoding gets started and works just as expected. It runs for > 1 min and then it is stopped regularly by the server.

Are you sure this is the right ffmpeg log?

Maybe the error is rather at the client side in this case. Could you please press "F11" in Chrome, go to the 'Console' tab and see whether there are any errors logged when you try to play?


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@softworkz Here are another set.  I see the movie start in Chrome.  Stops at 13 sec mark.  Don't see any errors in the Chrome console they all say false, unless I'm reading it wrong.  I attached it for you.   I actually see the HW transcode in Chrome.  I didn't in Edge.  The playback stops, but the transcode continues until I close the movie.



embyserver (1).txt ffmpeg-transcode-7519b16d-7ac0-4e6e-877b-496c22b6beca_1.txt

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