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HDR transcode warning.

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An option that displayed a small auto removed popup when transcoded playback is performed on a HDR source would be nice, a additional warning system in the OSD would be useful as well.

”this stream may may not be displaying colours accurately”


potentially the first part could be an optional yes:no option so that the user can make a better choice.

if course...tone mapping..... ;)

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8 minutes ago, Luke said:

Hi, yes it's not a bad idea.

I think it will be very useful, no idea why I didn’t think of it sooner and make it easy for users who don’t understand what is going on.  Sometimes I even launch a 4K stream on a non hdr display and don’t notice for a bit that the colours are off.


my quietness about all things Emby recently is because it just does everything I need it to do so well, I’m scraping the bottom of the barrel for suggestions now, especially since last week when I finally found out that all my collections issues were due to a dodgy library.


keep up the good work guys!

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