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Embruary skin for netflix not working


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I have the kodi netflix addon

using embruary skin, i made a custom hub for netflix

and some widgets

The widgets are pointing to the neflix addon parts: 

- populair

- top 10

- Trending

- Netflix originals


However when i hit the widget to play, nothing happens?


Someone pls help?

Heres the log https://paste.kodi.tv/pemoxodida


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Its not an addon fault cause it works with other skins

So its a skin issue, the only one who can fix this is the skin developer, so thats to point here, no?

Pity nobody from emby reacts

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Yeah, well Emby has nothing to do with the Netflix working or not. No matter if it's a skin (also not an Emby issue btw.) issue or not.

@sualfred is the developer of the skin iirc, so maybe he can help you.

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