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Emby Connect app - Emby Premiere.

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Sorry if this is an obvious or repeated question, but I've got so confused with it all it seemed easier just to ask. 

Ok so I use Emby app on my Lg smart tv,  but i increasingly am getting adverts / requests to join emby premiere. And as i cant suddenly change my interface theme, that and getting rid of the adverts seemed reason enough to hand the money over. But after paying, i was sent a email code. But this needs to be entered into the "emby dashboard", which i seem to be unable to access from my tv. So over to the pc i go, but this then is only accessed if you download the program / server. Downloaded. Only for it to seemingly demand I make a new account / unable to enter anywhere my connect account. So now i seem to have a totally standalone account with premiere on my pc, and the original connect account on my TV...

It just seems like this should be simpler? If they are going to advertised to me features on the Lg app, why not make it a bit more straightforward?


How do I enter my emby premiere code to work with my LG tv emby connect account / login?


thank you


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Hi there, are you saying you didn't have the server previously? Are you connecting to someone else's emby server?

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