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Live TV - play item from library instead

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I would love the have the ability to play an item from my library rather than from the Live TV source if available.


I browse the live guide and see a tv show or movie that I want to watch. I open the details view and at that point, Emby could check if I have a local copy. If I do, rather than watching it "Live", I'd like to see Emby add a new button, "local play" or whatever, so I can play it from my library instead of the live feed. Or I'd even take it sending me to a pre-run search result page or even just sending me straight to the item's detail page. Anything that could help me quickly find and start that item. 

Main reasons:

1) starting from beginning of the item

2) have total control of the content if available (diff audio or subs)

3) possibly higher quality version(s) available

4) for tv, adds the ability to possibly binge watch that show


Thanks for considering.


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