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How do I use external player in emby? Like MPC-HC


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Hey there, I just did some research in google and I find a github plugin call EmbyExternalPlayerLauncher, the question is I am never use github before, so i just download the plugin from github and I follow the instruction to install the plugin, but I try so many time and the plugin just keep showing me error "could not connect to Emby. Please check your settings" , so i just come here hope someone can help me to solve the problem. Thank you so much. 


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I will assume this topic.


Where did you extract the zip to?  What are your configurations on Emby External Player Launcher? @rex2549

Initial setup I had no issues but shutting down and relaunching got the same results as above.  Could be because I have multiple Emby servers.  I then applied the IP:port for my test server and it authenticated instantly and became a cast to device.  My test was on beta

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