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Adding Personal Music Mixes as Audiobooks

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I am a amateur DJ who likes to record mixes during their free time in quarantine. I have decided to attempt migrating my mixes into my emby media server. I am having trouble with actually adding the mixes.

I thought that adding them as an Audio Book is the best option, as it allows remembered playback position. After tagging each MP3 File as "Artist - GameGrime", "Title - Grime### - XX" and "Album - Grime Sessions" when attempting to add the folder into the server, nothing happens.

They are tagged with ID3 tags and even when attempting to add these mp3 files as songs it will not work. I took a look at the file naming structure for both Music and Audiobook and it seems like I am doing it fine. Basically i have all the episode files beside each other in a Directory. I CAN play the files from the Folder view in the audio books, but the metadata, music, and playback position is not recognized.

If you are able to assist me with what I should attempt doing to have the files recognized let me know.

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So I have added the Grime Series folder as the main folder as audiobook media type. And none of the audio files show up in the library.

I have also attempted adding each of the mp3 files into a folder named GrimeMixes inside of the folder structure shown in my other post. And still no tracks.


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