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QNAP TS473e enable hardware transcoding with AMD RX421BD / Radeon R7


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Hi Guys,
even though this topic seems to be same as the other regarding the TS473, I have the 473e, which features an integrated AMD Radeon R7.
I have also read a lot yesterday about the HW-acceleration, but at the end of the day, I could not make it work at all.

I have checked this forum and whatever else, no idea what to do.
Actually I have also given the card0 and renderD128 RWX (777) with chmod.
When I go to transcoding, there is no device available (with custom / advanced settings).

My hwdetection shows:

"Error": {
                    "Number": -1,
                    "Message": "Failed to initialize VA /dev/dri/renderD128. Error -1"

Any ideas?
BTW: I'm using the latest emby as a QPKG and the lastest QTS.



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@maeffjus have you tried this with Emby Server 4.5.2? If there's still an issue, can you please attach both the emby server and hardware detection logs from that? Thanks !

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