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Age Rating / Altersfreigabe for Germany

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I have just a small request and think it could be easy / simple integrated into Emby. It's regarding Age Rating in Germany.
Emby has Age Rating from FSK-0 to FSK-18.

Now, even Movies are FSK-18 rated in Germany, there can be still censored.

Some publishers are releasing Movies / TV Shows sometimes uncensored as
„SPIO/JK geprüft: keine schwere Jugendgefährdung“ and „SPIO/JK geprüft: strafrechtlich unbedenklich“. 

The SPIO Rating is a juridical rating. Some publisher releasing their movies uncensored with this rating, if they assume they can't release their Movies / TV Shows uncensored as FSK 18 rated.
If the movies / TV Shows are SPIO rated, it's juridical save for them to release the movies .

With the first rating „SPIO/JK geprüft: keine schwere Jugendgefährdung“ Movies / TV Shows can be showed and sold to the public in shops to people at age 18.
It's similar to FSK-18. But the Media will be rated again by the BPjM and could be indexed. If they are indexed, the Media can't be showed to the public in shops anymore, but people can it buy, if they request it.

With the second rating „SPIO/JK geprüft: strafrechtlich unbedenklich“ Movies / TV Shows can't be showed in public shops. But the Media can still be bought, if it's requested by someone.

You will never see this Media on shops like amazon. It's typically sold on special shops.

Also you won't find this ratings on TMDb, but it would be nice to change it manually. 

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15 minutes ago, Luke said:

HI, are you saying there's two different FSK-18 ratings?

Looks a different review process and would require manual input.


SPIO/JK certificates[edit]

If a movie does not comply with FSK basic principles (e.g. glorification of violence), a rating can be denied. A movie which is not rated by FSK is checked for possible violation against applicable law by a jurist agency (Juristen-Kommission, JK) of the Spitzenorganisation der Filmwirtschaft (SPIO). The JK compiles certificates for the reviewed movies. Approved movies receive one of two classifications:

  • Keine schwere Jugendgefährung or no severe danger to youth. While these movies are considered by the Juristenkommission to represent a danger to youth, this danger is not perceived to be considerable. In German this is sometimes known as a leichte Jugendgefährdung or mild/slight danger to youth. Films with this certificate may still be only sold on the open market as with films rated FSK 18, but are subject to indexing.
  • Strafrechtlich unbedenklich or not in violation of applicable criminal law – Movies given this certificate are usually considered to be a severe danger to youth but do not violate criminal law. A failure to achieve such a certificate is usually attributable to an expected violation of 131b of the German Criminal Code, but may also be in violation of child pornography legislation or the display and promotion of symbols, songs or political ideologies in violation of the constitution (e.g. National Socialism). The awarding of this certificate does not constitute a legal decree. The movie in question may still be confiscated at a later date if decreed by a court of law, as demonstrated with Hostel 2. These films may not be sold openly, even if the film in question has not yet been indexed. Due to their not being certified by the FSK, these movies are also subject to indexing.

While not obligatory, it is common to display a rectangular, black and white logo with "SPIO/JK geprüft" and the JK certificate granted. These movies may be additionally indexed (blacklisted) by the German Testing Centre for Youth-Endangering Media. JK/SPIO certified films are usually indexed within a month or two of publication with only a few exceptions, e.g. Virtuosity.


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Yes, it is a different review process and it is different from the FSK (0-18) rating.
And yes, it will require a manual input, since this rating is not in any database, like tmdb / tvdb, etc.

Perhaps it's possible to add the rating, that I could change it manually with the metadata editor.
This way I could manage it myself:

You can shorten the Text of the rating:

- SPIO/JK: k.s.J. (Keine schwere Jugendgefährung or no severe danger to youth)

- SPIO/JK: s.u. (Strafrechtlich unbedenklich or not in violation of applicable criminal law)

also, maybe it would also possible to add another rating:

- ungeprüft (unrated) -> this could also be interesting for for countrys outside germany.


Some examples:

Movie "Inside - Was sie will ist in Dir" is even SPIO/JK: k.s.J. not Uncensored (uncut). Only the austrian unrated version is fully uncensored (uncut).



Movie "Hobo with a Shotgun" is SPIO/JK: s.u. rated and fully Uncensored (uncut).


It would also help, if I could have a field for manual editing in Emby. Right now I have just a Drop Down field and a limited chose:


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Hi Luke,

Well... for me it's hard to say, what we should understand as "standardized"...
The rating is done under standardized guidelines / policys, but it's a very uncommon rating.

The german publishers allways trying to get a FSK rating for their movies.
For Movies / TV Shows with much gore / brutality it can happen, that the FSK deny / refuse a rating.
In this case the publishers trying to release their stuff with a SPIO/JK rating.

Another case can also be this:

The publisher release a movie or tv show censored to get a FSK rating.
With the FSK rating they can sell the movie normally in general media shops / amazon / etc and have a better benefit.
The major publicity don't know / notice if a movie / tv show is censored or not.
Cineasts in germany typically avoid this mutilated versions of a movie and waiting for a unrated release from austria (German speaking) or SPIO/JK rated release in germany.
A good example for this was the TV Show "Spartacus" by STARZ. We got first a mutilated censored version of the show.
They have released a german uncensored SPIO/JK rated version years after the FSK version.

What's also to mention: If a movies / tv show is FSK rated, it can't be banned by BPjM. A SPIO/JK rated movie/tv show can allways be banned later by the MPjM. The Movie "Hobo with a Shotgun" is a good example for it. The movie was rated SPIO/JK: s.u. (the second "hard" SPIO/JK rating) and was later banned. It's nowadays are rarity and high traded by cineasts.

On TMDb the movie is also FSK 18 rated. But if care for the truth, it's unrated by the FSK and SPIO/JK rated.


- FSK: ungeprüft means FSK: unrated
- SPIO/JK: Strafrechtlich unbedenglich means the second "hard" SPIO/JK rating.
- beschlagnahmt means banned.


So you see it's very uncommon and only to mention for movies with much gore / brutality.
The most people in germany even don't know there is another rating as SPIO/JK available.

Mostly cineasts / fans of horror / splatter / gore / violence movies / tv shows taking care about it.

hilarious addition: we had even a censored version of Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT because for it's brutality at 7 pm tv broadcast :D 

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hilarious Addition
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Perhaps it's something we have to do on TMDb endpoint and not on emby?

Edit: Since imdb has also this ratings, i would assume it's an official and stadardized rating.
I realized, that we would also need the tag "beschlagnahmt or banned" on ratings.
Otherwise it would be again incomplete.

I have started a discussion on TMDb topic about this: Topic on TMDB

I realized, that it should be changed on there endpoint, before anything should happen on emby.

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Hi Luke,

The bad and sad about the whole topic is that tmdb haven given any reaction on it.
The topic is still open over there without any reaction from moderators or somebody...

Topic on TMDB

It would be better, if they would just add the information to it's database.
Otherwise it would be necessary to edit this movies manually in emby and I think I would be perhaps the only user in Germany, who would edit his movies like that.
So yeah, it would just be a feature for me. lol.

I think you can close this topic, until tmdb adds the other ratings into their database.

At least, you must be at Age 18 to see SPIO/JK or Banned movies in Germany. So it's not that different like "FSK 18", but still wrong.

I know your alter ego, Sheldon Cooper would agree, that the Ratings are totally different, but it's something people can live with it. :D
So I think it's not that important, since I am the only one user, who would use this feature. :)

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Emby Tower

SPIO should be implemented as 1 level above FSK-18 because of parental ratings.

IMHO it is one thing to allow FSK 18 content, but SPIO is always one step rougher / harder then FSK 18.

For example: The Indonesian movie "Headshot" is SPIO, also some episodes of the Spartacus TV series in their uncut versions. There are also cut versions of these episodes, and they got FSK-18.


For me the German ratings system should be implemented in Emby like:


Level 1 = FSK 0

Level 2 = FSK 6

Level 3 = FSK 12

Level 4 = FSK 16

Level 5 = FSK 18

Level 6 = SPIO/JK

Level 7 = unrated (which is also the standard for porn content here in Germany, because they never get a rating in Uncut)

Level 8 = banned by authorities (in German "indiziert")


I think this would be perfect for parental ratings! ;)

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