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Seasons Image Issue


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Hi Team,

I have noticed a small issue happening with some of my anime tv series season images. What is happening is the season image appears with 2 side black pillars, and a smaller season image preview. If I try to edit this image it shows up with a blank selection asking me to upload an image. See attached images.

I have tried to refresh the metadata, deleted/re-added but the same issue comes back. I'm not using the anime plugin, everything is running standard stock plugins.

This is only happening to selected anime shows, not all of them. The issue is not replicated in my normal tv shows library, only the anime library. Is there a way to fix this issue?


Synology NAS DS920+

Emby Server Version




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I added an image manually, and it did correct the season image preview.

Do you know why it would only happen to some but not all? It almost seems like the tvdb didn't have an image for the season that caused it. Would adding the anime plugin and refreshing metadata fix this?

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Pretty sure this has been reported before, but it is do the providers not having a Season image and it inherits the Series image.  For some reason the placeholder remains square instead of changing to portrait when the image is inherited.

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Yes it's a quirk that will need to be looked at that only happens when none of the seasons have images. Thanks for reporting.

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