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Web App - Anyone else recieve this "userData.Likes" error.

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Does anyone else receive this error in the web app?





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Posted (edited)

I think the issue is referencing back to the button as 'this' after we declared it as the event button ('button') in the function. For some reason after 'button' is given the event data in the function, later it turns to an int with a value of '0' (see image).




the current code for the function needs to change to this maybe:

function onClick(e) {
        var button = e.target.closest('button'); //just incase the user hits the '<span>' text in the button.
          , id = button.getAttribute("data-id")
          , serverId = button.getAttribute("data-serverid")
          , apiClient = connectionManager.getApiClient(serverId)
          , likes = button.getAttribute("data-likes");
        likes = "true" === likes || "false" !== likes && null,
        function(button, apiClient, itemId, likes, isFavorite) {
            return apiClient.updateFavoriteStatus(apiClient.getCurrentUserId(), itemId, !isFavorite)
        }(0, apiClient, id, 0, "true" === button.getAttribute("data-isfavorite")).then(function(userData) {
            setState(button, userData.Likes, userData.IsFavorite)

Still 'userdata' returns in the promise as 'undefined'.

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