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Awesome!!! Trailers on an Amazon Firestick WORKING!!!


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First of all, Thank you to whomever or whatever changed that now allows Trailers to be played on a Amazon Fire TV Stick. All of you at Emby ROCK!

Maybe others can test different models with slightly different versions. Also all of my devices are unmodified (side-loaded). I've only been able to test it on 1 Device so far. Plan to check others later this week. But here is what it is working on so far.

Amazon Fire TV Stick 4k

Fire OS: (NS6273/2773)

Fire TV Home Version: 6240042.1 (not sure if relevant)

AndroidTv: 1.8.24a

Emby Server: beta (Premiere Key)

Trailers (plugin):


Also if this was covered somewhere else already, I did a search and didn't see anything and thought this was excellent news.


This is a huge + for Emby and Fire OS as it was a feature sorely missed.



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