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Separate TVGenre folder under IBN?


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Originally made by Starkadius



As requested, I have created this topic to gauge the demand for such a feature.

For the longest time I have been using different genre names for my TV shows, for example for Action I use “TV Action”, Comedy I use “TV Comedy” etc. The reason for this is that I do not like to use the same Movie genre icons for the TV genres. As it is I keep two separate sets of genres for both movies and tv shows. This would put it more in line with how games and music have their own genre folders now; MusicGenre and GameGenre. A MovieGenre or TVGenre folder would work either way.

If TV had its own TVGenre folder then we could simply assign “Action” for its genre instead of “TV Action” or “ActionTV” and it would use the new icon.






ps. For anyone interested in using these icons go here.



This is from Starkadius



Thank you very much in advance


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Agree with having a separate IBN TV Genre folder. And, as its stands now, TV and Movie Genres are also displayed together under Genre in the web client... Ie. If I go into Movies-Genres and select a Genre, the next screen includes tabs for both Movies and TV Shows. I would expect only Movies to be listed. Similarly If I go into TV Shoes-Genres and select a Genre, the next screen includes tabs for TV Shows and Movies. I would expect to only see TV Shows.

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