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New Plugin - Playback Progress User Sync


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What does this plugin do?

It will sync playback progress of media items between two accounts

Why is it useful:

Regular user accounts (not admin) may have simpler to key-in passwords (note: not simpler passwords... simpler to key in passwords)  for remote controls.

If you have an admin account with a password which is extra difficult to key in on remotes, and you would like to keep the admin account's  watched status up-to-date, but would consider using a 'non-admin' account to watch media, then you can sync the progress data back to your admin account.


This plugin will only sync the playback progress data to an account if the position of the playing media (when stopped), is further along in the runtime then what was already present in the sync'd account.

I hope I have explained it well enough.

Feel free to check out the Github for this plugin: https://github.com/chefbennyj1/Emby.AccountSync

or ask questions.





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This is great in combination with the Virtual TV plugin. Now I can use another account for that one and not lose my own watched status when someone watches a movie I haven't seen yet... :-)

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17 hours ago, Dibbes said:

An idea for your next project: Sync accounts between 2 servers ;)

I was about to ask if this was possible. Use Trakt to do this and it's not exactly the most reliable setup. This feature would be great to keep my beta server in sync with my main server.

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