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Example to configure DLNA for Onkyo receiver?

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I'm pulling my hair out to figure out how to configure DLNA profile for my old Onkyo TX-NR906 receiver. The receiver definitely supports MP3 320kbps/48khz format, but no support for lossless (alac, Flac). I'd like a profile that transcode music to mp3 limiting size to 320kbps/48khz. 

In the settings I remove everything from direct play except for mp3, in transcode I set container/codec to mp3. There are two tabs "containers" and "codecs" which I leave empty (not sure what they're used for). Finally in the main page I set "max stream quality" to 8000000 and "music transcoding bitrate" to 192000.

When I play in the AVR it says unsupported format. In the Emby log folder I couldn't find the ffmpeg transcoding log so I assume transcoding didn't kick in.

I enabled DLNA debug log but couldn't find any trace in the log to show if the profile is used for the device or not. The most recent log related to the AVR is from 3 days ago before I created the profile:

2020-08-09 00:00:51.331 Info Dlna: No matching device profile found. The default will need to be used.
	ModelDescription:AV Receiver


Any hint how to configure this correctly? 


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Starting with the default as a template, you need to remove flac from the directplay profiles.

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