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BUG Emby play duration bar not going away on its own

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On the emby Theatre 1.0.24 there is a bug where sometimes the green timer bar that pops up when you press pause isn't going away on its own. 

It's really that whole window.. With the episode name / everything else. Like whenever you press pause normally.. Everything that pops up there stays on my player. 

This happens randomly and I can't recreate it. 

It also happens completely on its own but always happens at the start of an episode. The episode will start and the bar will pop up and it will stay there forever until I interact with it again. 

All I have to do to fix it is press back or forward to skip the video 10 seconds or pause and press play and then the bar will wait its usual timer and go off. But if left alone the bar will continue to stay even if the episode ends and the next one starts. 

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I have also noticed this happening randomly, as well as sometimes the bar not popping up at all when using skip functionality.  And, at least for me sometimes the only way I can get it working properly again is to exit out of the video and reopen it.  But, it is so infrequent and random that I don't think its an actual bug in Emby, but more likely is some kind of hiccup between Emby and the LG player.

It is so infrequent that I haven't actually tried to determine what percentage of the time it does happen, but if I had to venture a guess I would say it happens maybe once out of every 20 shows watched.

When it comes to electronics and programming I learned a long time ago that every once in a blue moon there will be a glitch that can only be chalked up to gremlins.

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This should be resolved with the next update to the app. Thanks.

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