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Codec Intros

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1 minute ago, Sammy said:

So I tried truehd and truehd 71 and truehd 7.1 for a movie with a TrueHD 7.1 track and nothing spectacular happened; actually nothing happened at all.

Was it transcoding? What does the stats for nerds show when the main item plays?

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I'm sure it was transcoding as I was playing this remotely on my computer at work (shh) or in a RDP session to my PC.

I guess further testing will have to wait until later when I am home.

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On 29/07/2020 at 13:57, Sammy said:

This Topic needs more examples to properly name codec intros.. All codec types need to be fully laid out. 

Codec Intros

Codec intros allow you to create intros based on the media information of the main feature you are watching. For example, if you're watching a movie with AC3 audio, you can create an ac3 intro called ac3.mp4, and place this in your codec intro path.

The following fields are used to determine a match:

  • Video Codec
  • Audio Codec
  • Audio Profile
  • Tags

Here are some examples:

  • A movie has h264 video, intro file is named "h264.mp4"
  • A movie has ac3 audio, intro file is named "ac3.mkv"
  • A movie has DTS-HD MA audio profile, intro file is named "dts-hd ma.avi"
  • You've added a tag to a movie called "waffle", intro file is named "waffle.mpg".

Does the waffle tag work for TV Shows or just movies? Is the tag name actually waffle or anything?

If it doesn't apply to TV Shows, Luke can this be added?

I'd like to show the original TV ident before a TV show based on filename in the tag, rather than have to recode a video to add it?

Be cool if you could fire an end tag as well

e.g. start tag is the video filename of the production company ident, end tag is the video filename of whatever video you want to fire at the end.

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