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Device limit question


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Hello guys!

I have a monthly Premium plan hired and today a message appeared below where I insert the registration key saying You have a Monthly Emby Premiere plan, but you are over the limit of the device.

My question is: How do I know HOW MANY devices above? How do I know which ones were charged this month to find out in the future how many additional devices I will have to hire?


Thank's for now.

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12 minutes ago, ebr said:

Hi.  There is no way for you to see this exact number at this time.  Please see below for more information.

Is there a limit to Emby Premiere

Thanks for the feedback.

Will you see a more transparent way of looking at this in the future? After all, it would be much clearer to show users how many devices are being charged and what they are.

If you have not yet considered this improvement, then follow my tip.

Thank you!


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This has been asked for before but if you read the link from ebr you'll understand why it hasn't been done.

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