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How to restrict DLNA players on the PLAY ON list


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I am using Emby solely as a music server (running on a Synology NAS)  to play music from the server in all rooms of our house. 

In some rooms I am using Sonos devices, but we also have an Onkyo device and a few others.

In every room there is a ehternet plugged touch screen media device running the emby media player.  

When someone wants to play music in a specific room they have to select the taget network speakers (Sonos, etc) in the PLAY ON list. Unfortunately this list is very crowded and a number of devices are displayed which are not used as speakers. See the attached screen shot.

What I would like is to RESTRICT THE DLNA LIST of devices from which a loged in user can select from. E.g: The kids shall only see a few players which are in the kids area of the hosue, but they should not be able to select the network speakers from the livingroom etc.

Is there a way to exclude or filter  DLNA devices so that they do not show up on the PLAY ON list? In an ideal scenario the available devices to PLAY ON would be configurable in a user profile.

Maybe there are ways to do that but I simple didnt find that option ...


Screenshot_2020-07-16 Emby.png

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Thnaks for the quick response.


This would really be another great feature easing the use of the product.

Hope to see this in the futre.

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