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Specials vs extras


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Maybe this has been discussed in the past (im fairly new around here...) But should there be a way to distinguish show specials (actual episodes that fall between seasons) and extras that are usually dvd bonus features, "making of" kinda stuff...


Right now everything resides in season 0 and the metadata does the magic but what i was hoping to achieve was having the special episodes lodged in between the seasons in the season posters. Maybe a way to achieve that would be through season fractions? So you have season 1, 2, 3, 3.5, 4, 5 etc... 3.5 being a special episode that resides there and could have its own poster etc...



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Koleckai Silvestri

You can edit the special episodes and adjust where they should appear by specifying the before and after or the absolute episode numbers.


Not at my PC or I would add some screenshots.

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i know about that feature and i use it for season dvd bonus material, but if the special episode also end up in there it ends up being a bit confusing to sort what is a special episode and what is a bonus "making of" kind of thing .. i was just hoping to have a way to have the special episodes stand out a bit more. having the ability to set an actual decimal season would make them stand out in the seasons poster overview


example you would have posters for


Doctor who series 1

Doctor who series 1.5 (the christmas invasion)

Doctor who series 2

Doctor who series 2.5 (the runaway bride)

Doctor who series 3




...and the dvd bonus "making of" stuff would reside within the seasons using the "display after season x" feature you mentioned


anyways .. i love the product nontheless!

keep it up guys !


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Koleckai Silvestri

So go to "The Christmas Invasion". Click the Edit Button. In the Special Episode Info section put 1 in the "Airs After Season" field and it will appear at the end of Season 1. If you want it to appear at the beginning of Season 2, enter 2 in the "Air Before Season" field. If you want it before or after a specific episode, edit the "Airs Before Episode" field.




This is from "Day of the Doctor". I just want it at the end of season 7 so that is all I entered. The episode number of 83 puts it in order with the other specials. For the "Pond Life" shorts, I have them set to "Air Before Season" 7 and they appear at the beginning.


Posters would be interesting but none of the metadata providers show them that way nor do the images necessarily exist.

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that is actually what i have been doing so far with the specials .. i was just hoping to get a little extra flexibility in the setup process

as far as posters go, you right, might be hard to come by, so i make my own and upload them regularly to fanart to share back to the community


anyways .. thanks for the help, much appreciated !


.. and to the powers that be .. decimal seasons .. sleep on it  :P

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