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Live TV guide sorting on roku

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This might be a server problem but options on the roku client seem to be a factor too.

 I recently updated from  Emby to  server side but I think roku client also changed recently as live TV seems to have tabs now.

I previously achieved channel sorting by going into live TV meta data in server settings via the browser and adding a sort title.

The channel list in meta data *used* to rearrange if I hit refresh to reflect the sorting I applied. No longer it seems

Then checking the guide on the browser if I choose to sort by title then I see my chosen sort order. I still see this on the browser.

However on the roku 3 the channel order is not ordered correctly.

There is a settings option on the guide but this only allows sorting by "Date Played" or "Channel Number" with option to bring favourites to the top. No option to sort by title. You cannot "uncheck both "Date Played"/"Channel number" in the hope that you get sort by title.

Oh dear seems to be a step backwards. I need to organise my channel! it makes finding stuff a pain!

Hope someone can suggest a work around.


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Hi.  There are a few topics on this.  The issue is that, previously, it was impossible to sort the guide on channel name - due to tricks like what you had done with the sort title.  Now we can sort on channel number AND name properly.  The Roku app hasn't updated yet to allow you to sort by Name but we will get that in there in the next beta round.


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