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Raspberry Pi - Subtitles

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I have a raspberry pi4 4GB with emby theatre installed. My content is served out from a FreeNAS server with the emby plugin installed. Everything is working great except one part. When ever I enable the subtitles on the Raspberry Pi  it freezes up. Enough that I have to power off and on the Raspberry Pi. I usually do not even use subtitles unless there are other languages. So forced subtitles. A couple quirks is when it happens is the screen pauses/locks with the video, and will stay up until the power cycle, although I can kind of see the menus underneath. . Another is because it is force subtitles, it won't lock until the first time it has to put up a subtitle. I suspect there is an issue with the subtitle overlay programming or settings. Anybody run into this and have a solution? (Subtitles and forced subtitles work fine in the other emby theatre apps for windows etc. going against the same movie)

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