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Emby remote not working for administrator


Go to solution Solved by al92780,

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Cannot log in over cell phone link, local WiFi works. A remote non admin user has worked ok. Can reset All of EMBY connect and start over?

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If you go to this Knowledge Base article:




Scroll down the section on External.  Follow the diagnostic testing section and let us know how far you make it.  Hopefully all the way.


Can you try logging in directly to your server using a user account/password and not an Emby Connect account.


Let us know how these things work out.

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Forwarding port 8096 worked.  Had to disable UPnP., it was using 8096.  Prior to all this I had to fight my ESET firewall. Once I figured out the Interactive mode, a general rule failure can be added to a new rule only associated EMBY, never made it without it help. Thanks

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